Building an Expo APP

Hello World!

If you know JS and React/React Native than this blog is for you, If you don’t no issue here are some great resource to learn.

javascript: JDKJS &  Freecodecamp 

React/React Native: Egghead React Tutorial   

I have started working on app some time back.  You can download it from playstore , It would be completely wrong to say that I have build this app all by myself. Significant part was build by Supi without has Redux wizardry it was impossible to complete this app.


Coming back to topic, We picked up Expo for this task, If you are thinking why expo? it’s a topic for a different blog itself, inshort following are the feature which expo makes so appealing for some one who is starting react native development

  1. Push notification
  2. Expo app for dev
  3. Native file support
  4. Native graphics
  5. Social Auth

There are few more, if you are intrested you may continue reading in expo website



Up and running with expo is really simple and fast(make sure you have node installed already!).

you have to install expo cli (`npm install expo-cli –global`) in your system and expo client app your android/ios phone. once this is done. all you have to do is run following command(expo cli will do the hard work for you):

`expo init my-new-project`

above command will create new project with all bolierplate in same location where you have ran this command.

and you are done!


Fireup your code editor and start fiddling around with app.js file to see changes you can either you xcode iphone emulator(fastest option in my experience) or use Expo client app on your device, Just make you are in same network as your system for faster experience.


There are lot more to this, But I don’t remember all the details right now. Hope this helps. I will keep this post updated as and when I get recollect more information about setting up expo.

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