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Things I HATE 😡 about Javascript

Hello World!

Don’t get me wrong I Love Javascript even a wrote an entire blog about it, However there javascript is not a perfect language like any other language in this planet.

At the time of writing this blog I have been developing javascript since last 18 months, yep i that is not enough time to get sufficient knowledge to write a blog like this but I am planning to keep on updating with time.



I have been coding in python from last year of my engineering, I loved it because of it’s dynamic typing and I jumped into javascript realm for the same reason. I loved it till I came across ASYNC programming in javascript, which left me confused at so many level(yep I know as JS has single thread it’s is one of the fundamental feature which makes sure multiple processes can at a any given point of time.) It would have been great if ASNYC part in JS is dealt in a way that it’s more intuitive to write async code. Thanks to async and await syntactic sugar it’s  not that of a deal anymore.



Understanding how hoisting works was one of the eye opening moment for me, suddenly lot of things started making sense to me about the me. I am still not very sure why JS needs to have hoisting in first place. I understood how it works but why behind it still not clear to me. Most likely I will remove this point from the list after understanding the purpose behind it.



I have not done enough backend coding to express my opinion on how it’s like to do debugging in node, What I done is frontend and due to different browser engine implements  certain feature of javascript differently it’s very hard to get to debug an issue. Apart from it, if you are not using strict mode in javascript sometime it’s almost impossible to track back an silent bug which exist in your code. Tools have been come a long way in recent times which made debugging error and it’s relatively straightforward to debug JS bugs now. But without proper tooling it’s almost impossible to catch the bug easily.

My learning journey has just began. This list will change with time as my understanding of javascript get better with time.

Thanks for spending your time on this post. Feel free to share your experience with javascript and the bits you don’t like as much.


Seen you in next one

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